by Zeki Min

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Samir Batista Zeki is awesome. This record is arguably one of the best acoustic releases of 2014. LOVE IT! Favorite track: Wherever You May Roam.
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Release by Gunner Records


released July 15, 2014

Recorded by Christoph ‘Hadl’ Hassel and Rich Millin.



all rights reserved


Zeki Min Bremen, Germany

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Track Name: Wherever You May Roam
I don’t believe in growing up, yeah we’re getting older,
And hopefully, we’ll learn from some of our mistakes.
Or just do it all over again,
There is no such thing as failing,
As long as you make those mistakes with all your heart.
Please don’t regret anything that you did for love,
Even if it tore your world apart,
Just carry it with you wherever you may roam,
Keep it in your heart with the child you once were.
And you still are, because nothing has changed,
Except that you think you’re too old to make mistakes.
And to have fun, and to go out,
And to smile when everything comes crashing down.
Just think about your first best friends,
Find out where they live,
Write them a letter, ask them how they’ve been.
Because it’s never too late, for new adventures,
They’re right in front of you or far away.
Hope you make some new friends on either side of the great seas,
There is so much to see, there is so much to learn.

I still believe in having fun …
Track Name: Go On!
Religion somehow never worked for me, 10-years-old trying, trying to pray,
Couldn’t convince myself there was anyone listening.
If it works for you, then that’s fine with me,
I hope it gives you strength and some will to live
Because this life, hell, it’s so damn worth it!
Yet, it always felt right to believe in my friends,
When I saw them smiling, it was the greatest thing,
And it still is, it definitely still is.
And I love how things evolved for us,
How we lived through these times that were bright and rough,
And how we found our places in these confusing times.

I just wanna go on, go on,
I just wanna go on. forever!!!

There are a million different roads to choose from,
There are straight, risky and adventurous ones,
And you know what, I never liked the straight ones.
And I know it sounds funny when I say it now,
And I even gotta smile but I love this life and I'm so afraid of dying.

Track Name: Glad To Be Here Today
I guess it’s about time that I leave it all behind
And just realize that those pictures of our youth
That I keep in mind are just some faded souvenirs
of our past, passed times.
I never quit asking questions and I still challenge everything.
And even if I look different now, punk’s still so much more to me
Than a faded band shirt or some tattoos on our sleeves.
And even at the risk of sounding ridiculous.
I’ve always had this tiny spark of hope
That we could change the world,
That we could change our world.

I still think about you so much!

On the white shores in Denmark this world is a different place
And for watching sunsets in St. Petersburg,
You should bring more than one day,
And find a nice rooftop and just drink the night away.

No I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, no I don’t know!
What am I doing here? What’s this all for?
Where I am going? Where I’ll be tomorrow?
And I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care, no I don’t care!
What I am doing here, what's this all for, where I am going, and where I’ll be tomorrow.
I'm just glad, I can be here today.
Track Name: Sirens
Sirens are waking us this morning,
And chances are they'll be waking us tomorrow.
Only one year and I'll be gone,
That's what I said 3865 days ago.
I'm drowning in these masses and breathing seems harder than yesterday.
Smiling faces gather round me and I can feel their expectations inside of me.
We tried so hard to make this work, we tried and tried and tried.

We fought, and we fought, and we fought,
For something we thought that was worth it,
And still I think it was worth it,
But I feel so alone.

A Sunday morning walk through broken glass of black and white and green.
On the bridge by the river, I hold my breath this is as beautiful as this city can be.
It's hard to remind myself I wanna leave this place,
When I watch it while it sleeps.


A car comes round the corner,
The first bus arrives.
And slowly I can hear it,
I can hear it start to breath.
It's hard to remind myself I wanna leave this place,
When I watch it while it sleeps.

We fought, and we fought, and we fought,
For something we thought that was worth it,
And still I think it was worth it,
But I feel so alone.
Track Name: 31 Hours
I’ve been up for 31 hours now.
It’s miracle these legs, they are still walking on.
But I gotta do this right,
I gotta do this right this time.
I try to keep eyes fixed on the horizon,
I try keep my mind filled with thoughts of brighter times.
Because I gotta do this right,
I gotta do this right this time.

Do you know it feels,
When your best won’t do?
Do you know how it feels,
when you can’t feel anything anymore?
And you just shake your head and wonder,
What the hell am I doing here?

I need to walk on,
And I need to breathe slow.
But I can’t slow down,
It’s only three more days to go.
Because I gotta do this right,
I gotta do this right this time.

Track Name: Gambling In Denmark
Hey my friend it’s gonna be a long, long, long night.
Our car broke down in the middle of nowhere.
So we gotta walk the last 20 miles.
And I can’t promise you, we’ll make it home today,
But I can promise you, we’ll always find our way.

Wherever we go, go, go, go, we’ll always find our way home.

And I can’t promise you, we’ll make it home tonight.
But I can promise you, you we’ll make it home just fine,
We’ll make it home alright.
And that’s OK because we’ve got each other,
And we’ve got a lot to talk.
About the times that are long gone,
And the ones that are to come.
This night is so clear and nothing seems dangerous.
We sing some songs of your youth that automatically come back to us.

Move on.
Track Name: We Own The Here And The Now
This is perfect! This is it!
Our footsteps are running above cold concrete.
Our laughter echoes through the alleys,
From wall to wall to wall.
I love the laughter of this night.
We are invincible.
Our shoes they barely tough the ground.
And only our hearts know where to go.
This is flawless.
We are invincible.
And they can't stop us. So why do they try.

We own the here and the now.
They can have the past,
We'll see about the future.

A flood is coming,
It's pouring from the sky.
Water is running down our cheeks mixed in with tears of joy
I can't believe this,
But we're still running,
And when I look at your face,
I know we'll never stop.

Track Name: Chase The Sun
I'd rather chase the sun than wait for it to shine,
Because no one gives a damn, you gotta take it.
Track Name: This Somehow Feels Like Home
We used to steal cans to color this grey city.
Put some beauty into our black and white teenage lives.
We used to run to all different directions,
Just to get away, to leave it all behind.

So we painted
All of our dreams
On the floors and on the walls
Of this city that we hated,
But we tried to make it ours.
We tried to make it ours.

I haven’t seen you in years.
And when I left I swore to myself.
That I shall never, ever see you again.
And so I moved to promised places.
Of people told me they were shining.
But all I found beneath those bright lights
Is that old familiar darkness.


There is darkness, there is light
In every place that I’ve been to.
But with you right beside me,
This somehow feels like home.
Track Name: Close To Home
I won’t ever cut my hair again,
I’ll let it grow and grow and grow,
‘Til it falls down everywhere around me
I’ll let it grow and grow and grow,
Let the wind carry it to the top of the trees.
I won’t ever wash my hands again,
I’ll let them stain, and stain, and stain,
Until every little piece of dirt
Tells a story of where we’ve been,
And what we’ve done,
Where we’ve been and what we’ve done.

So I walk to the edge of the world,
And I watch it all just float on by,
And I reach out my hand as far as I can,
And I hope you’ll recognize me,
Even though it is dark.

I won’t ever wash my clothes again,
I’ll let them fade, and fade, and fade,
And I hope that your scent sinks deep in,
So I can smell you everywhere.
And every time I close my eyes,
I see your face in front of me,
And every time I close my eyes,
I see your face in front of me.


I am so,
So close to home.
And I’m so,
So far away from you.
Track Name: Everything’s Gonna Be OK
Hey, hey, hey, everything’s gonna be OK.

We had such grand plans, for the next months to come, like going south and not doing anything, but Then real life came crashing down.
And I just couldn’t bring myself to smile,
Oh how I needed it this time,
And I just couldn’t bring myself to smile,
Oh how we needed it...


Please wake up, oh wake up!
And hand me that picture that you’re holding.
You’ve been staring at it for like three months straight,
Barely moving, barely breathing.